Question: Could this camera be used as security camera?

Answer: Definitely YES this camera is a lot easier to set-up then those security cameras. In fact we purchased a $400.00 Security camera set from Sam's Club and it was so complicated to set-up, we took it back. That is when we realized we could get just as good pictures with the trail camera for a lot less money.

Question: First time buyer, purchasing for my husband as a birthday gift. Does it come with a strap to attach to tree or is that something I need to purchase ?

Answer: Strap are included for free,you can easily attach the camera to a tree with the straps. you will have to buy batteries and a SD card that's it. 

Question: Does this camera take pictures and video at night?

Answer: Yes it does, it has 3 settings, photo only, photo and 3 second burst or just video. All are triggered when sensed movement, to give you the best footage. we have it set in our backyard to watch anyone cutting through our yard as well....its works great not only to catch theifs but to see animals aswell

Question: Do you need some type of wireless service in the area of your trail cam to make this work?

Answer: You do not need wireless connection, The camera sends you the pictures and videos by SMS Via 2G SIM GSM Network (you can recieve one for less than 5$ at your local phone providers.)Card that you insert in the camera.  It works via GPRS And you will recieve in the package free Long Range Anthena connection that will maximize your connection.

Question: Does this camera automatically roll over when it runs out of space on the card and replace prior pictures?

Answer: You can insert up to 32GB memory card and once the memory card is full, it will no longer take any more images, it will save your footage for you, and you will have to delete or replace the card. 

Question: What is the max distance this camera will trigger?

Answer: It triggers steadily at 65ft and will trigger sensory movement of animals/men out up to 20 meters from the camera location

Question: How will i understand how to set it up and use the camera ?

Answer: In the package we include a free CD Manual that will explain to you very easily how to set it up and how to use it. thank you.

Question: Where do i get a SIM Card to put inside the camera ?

Answer: You can recieve the 2G SIM Card from any of your local phone line providers, or you can recieve one from for less than 4$. 




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