Cold Front: Winter Hunting

Cold Front: Winter Hunting

Hunting in the cold winter weather is not as fun as hunting in other seasons. In fact, hunting in the winter weather often presents you with some unique challenges. First off, you need to dress properly. You need to protect yourself from the harsh conditions that are often present when hunting in the winter. Second, you need to be prepared to handle the harsh conditions that are present when hunting in the winter.


Hunting in the winter weather poses unique challenges that other times. Cold front - what most people call the "flashy" front - can cover an area the size of Texas or Maine in just one day. Cold fronts rarely have a slow enough advance to allow their snow to melt. Snow and ice are heavier than ever, especially in the colder temperatures. As a hunter, you need to be ready to deal with the weight of snow and the thickness of the cold front.

Hunting in the cold front usually includes snow and ice covering the ground in a few days, with daytime temperatures only reaching freezing or below during the night. This can create a challenge for hunters looking to bag a trophy white tail deer. Hunting in the cold front can also include roads and trails that become impassable due to the accumulation of snow and ice.

Because hunting in the winter weather can be dangerous, it's important to pre-plan your trip. Think about how long you want to be out for your hunting season. Decide if you want to hunt in the morning, afternoon, or night. Also, think about where you plan on staying throughout the course of your trip. If you're planning on staying at a cabin or a motel, you need to find somewhere that's close to a source of water or electricity.


The next thing to do is pack your clothes appropriately. Pack only what you'll need. For example, don't bring a lot of extra blankets or outerwear with you if you don't plan on hunting for most of the day. Instead, opt for heavier layers like fleece-lined bootees and wool sweaters. A warm coat, a pair of waterproof gloves, and a warm hat are also great layers to carry. These items are lightweight enough that you can wear them all day long, and they keep you warm from rain, even in the coldest weather.

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