Clear Vision™ Scope PRO - Digital Night Vision IR Optics Clear Vision™ Scope PRO - Digital Night Vision IR Optics
Clear Vision™ Scope PRO - Digital Night Vision IR Optics from $159.99 $399.99
HUNT SUCCESSFULLY AT NIGHT WITH OUR AWARD-WINNING🥇 NIGHT VISION!   → Improve Accuracy & Precision →  Keep Your Land Safe + Secure →  Record HD Videos & Photos →  Easily Fits Most Riflescopes →  Hunt Without Alerting Game   ★★★★★ "If you have any doubts about this product, GET RID OF THEM. This has blown away my expectations of IR. 10,000% recommend this! Have had the Clear Vision system for 2 weeks and don’t have any complaints." John W. (Verified Customer) Vermin & predator damage affects 25% of property owners in the United States.  Our Clear Vision™ Digital Infrared Camera Outdoor Optics Night Vision Scope allows you to operate at night without alerting game to your location or even to your presence, this makes hunting at night so much easier than when using visible light as your quarry can grow accustomed to the light from a normal lamp and learn to shy away from it. We open up a whole world of opportunities for shooting at night, giving you a higher success rate, allowing you to enjoy hunting day & night, and also, helping you by preventing these pests from causing everlasting damage to your property. FEATURES ➤ RECORD VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Instantly capture high-quality videos & photos to share.     ➤ NIGHT VISION ACTION: Clear Vision™ PRO offers sharp hi-resolution night vision in complete pitch black darkness.   ➤ HIGH-DEFINITION SCREEN: 4.3-inch screen that makes hunting in the night that much easier. Adjustable brightness and contrast. Crosshairs on screen gives you pin point accuracy on the target.   ➤ HIGH-PRECISION CAMERA LENS: Powered by 3MP 16mm HD Infrared lens, our camera provides sharp and clear image both during day as well as night time. ➤ DAY & NIGHT MODE:  Clear Vision™ PRO can easily switch between day mode (Color) and night mode (IR Monochrome) with one button.   ➤ POWERFUL IR ILLUMINATOR: Clear Vision™ PRO 850nm series infrared torch provides better night vision range and clarity than most other IR lights available elsewhere.   BENEFITS ➤ INFRARED STEALTH: Infrared is not visible so you get complete stealth in the dark.   ➤ IMPROVE ACCURACY: Extremely high definition 4.3-inch screen that makes hunting in the night that much easier. Adjustable brightness and contrast to suit your needs. Cross hairs on screen gives you pin point accuracy on the target.   ➤ SCOPE ATTACHMENTS: Includes multiple scope attachments and protective tape. Ideal for a wide variety of uses such as surveillance, nighttime hunting wildlife observation and exploring caves.   ➤ EASY TO USE: Our Night vision scope kit can be easily assembled on most riflescope with simple operation. Instructions are included with every order. You don’t need to be a tech savvy to set it up. It is really straight forward and simple.   ➤ QUALITY THAT LASTS: Clear Vision™ PRO is built with high-quality steel & polycarbonate material to ensure life long reliability.   What's Included in the Box?  Night Vision Camera  Eyepiece Tube  850nm IR Torch  Hi-Definition Screen  Detachable Screen Cover  Mounts & Accessories     FAQ  What size scope will it this fit on? The Clear Vision™ PRO can easily fit most scopes up to 48mm diameter. Please note that this is a night vision camera attachment for your current setup. The scope is not included.   How far can you see in complete darkness? You can see clearly up to 150-300 yards (450-900 ft.) with the infrared light in total darkness.    What kind of recoil can this device handle? Designed to withstand heavy recoil and shock. We recommend using it up to .308 caliber. Make sure it is mounted securely as per the instructions.   Does it come with batteries? We offer two different options with or without the batteries, charger and memory card.   My scope doesn't have objective lens. Will I still be able to get a clear view through my scope? Yes, it will work just fine. The night vision camera can see exactly your eye's view.   Does it comes with setup instructions?  User manual and step-by-step installation video tutorial are included for every order. We also have a full Help Center with detailed guides for setup.   Where is it shipped out from? We have multiple warehouses across North America and Asia. Orders are shipped according to the destination and availability at our warehouses.   What is the current delivery time? Most orders are delivered within 4-7 business days with Free Shipping. You may also opt for Express Shipping at checkout for faster delivery.   Does it include a guarantee/warranty? The Clear Vision™ PRO Night Vision IR Scope Camera setup comes with 30-day replacement guarantee for any hardware issues/defects. Contact us if you experience any problem with your order.   Can it be returned if I don't like it? Customer satisfaction in out #1 priority. Please contact us within 30 days after delivery if you feel it's not a good fit for you. We'll help you send it back.   What type of light does it use? The light is an 850nm infrared light and is not visible to the eye. It is not a regular flashlight. You may only see a warm red glow to indicate that the light is on. NOT SOLD IN STORES!
Clear Vision™ Cam - Wildlife Trail Camera Clear Vision™ Cam - Wildlife Trail Camera
Clear Vision™ Cam - Wildlife Trail Camera $79.99
STAY PREPARED THIS SEASON Capture Clear Wildlife Images – Day or Night, Rain or Shine! As soon as your camera is triggered you will capture a 12MP Photo and a 10 second Video (with sound) of the Animal or “Thief” that triggered your Trail Camera. ✅ Easy to Operate - The hunting cam is easy to operate and mount. You can apply the user-friendly device to outdoor activities, not only hunting but also home security, property surveillance, scouting, wildlife monitoring, Farm Security. With the infrared sensor the Clear Vision™ Cam will be triggered by any movement that it catches, day or night. Once the camera is triggered it will capture a photo of the suspect. ✅ Easily See Wildlife - Stay updated with your area and see when something is happening. The trail camera captures 12 Mega Pixel crystal images and full HD 1080P videos, providing more high-quality details during the daytime. The camera will instantly save each photo and video captured to your SD Card. The memory card must be no greater than 32GB. This camera does not send photos over cellular networks. Easily see the vivid world of the wildlife and amaze friends/family. ✅ Share Photos To Your Device - Once the photos are captured, they will automatically save to your SD Card. Connect the SD Card to view the photos on your computer with the USB Reader (included). Want to connect to your phone? Grab the SD Card Reader separately here.
Clear Vision™ Binoculars - Digital Night Vision Goggles IR Optics Clear Vision™ Binoculars - Digital Night Vision Goggles IR Optics
Clear Vision™ Binoculars - Digital Night Vision Goggles IR Optics from $249.99 $649.99
★★★★★ "Got them & they are AWESOME!! You can see 600 feet in pitch darkness & there’s no light that shines. It’s very cool to spot animals at night in the woods & the clarity is very good as well" Justin B. FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS. CLEAR VISION™ IN COMPLETE DARKNESS High-quality photos and videos with an excellent battery runtime, these Clear Vision™ Binoculars - Digital Night Vision Goggles are specially designed to focus and zoom on important details. Featuring the NO-Glow INFRARED ILLUMINATOR to view animals and other objects in COMPLETE DARKNESS. The focus is smooth to enable and capture crisp photos instantly. Works great both day and night with 3X optical magnification, 4X DIGITAL ZOOM and a 25mm objective lens with 850nm IR technology. Takes 1280 x 960 pixel @ 30FPS photos and videos in light or dark areas. DON’T ALLOW THE DARK TO STOP YOUR EXPLORATION Viewing wildlife at night is one of the most amazing things to see. Whether you are spotting things in nature, hunting coyotes and feral hogs, these are the best night vision goggles which allow you to monitor your surroundings and secure your land. Top-rated hunting binoculars with tactical night vision. HIGH-DEFINITION VIEWING SCREEN An amazing gift to have your family and friends excited to use. Crystal clear vision™ with zoom and focus features that are easy to use. We have had some customers say they have seen deer over 1200 feet away. The lens is a fully multicoated 31mm objective lens. CAPTURE HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOS & VIDEOS The best way to record and capture the best moments at anytime. Switch between photo mode and video mode for crisp images and video recordings. Built with an image resolution of 1M (1280 x 960) and video resolution of 960P (1280 x 960 @ 30FPS). TRANSFER VIDEOS & PHOTOS TO YOUR DEVICE 32GB MEMORY CARD INCLUDED Equipped with a built-in USB interface and memory card slot to save every moment captured. Easily transfer your photos and videos to your computer or other device. Connect the night vision goggles via the USB 2.0 cable to save your photos and videos. DESIGNED FOR TRAVEL & ADVENTURE Built with the outdoorsman in mind - the Clear Vision™ Binoculars were made for those who love to take an adventure. They are extremely durable and light-weight which makes them easy to travel with. Attach the strap to carry the night vision binoculars with you everywhere you go.  DURABLE WITH EXCELLENT BATTERY RUNTIME These high performance night vision goggles are powered by 6 AA alkaline batteries (not included). Insert 3 batteries in each battery compartment on the back of the binoculars both right side and left side as seen below. Keep the experience running smoothly. HIGH-PERFORMANCE NIGHT VISION AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE The Clear Vision™ Binoculars have been designed to last through constant use. The rubberized coating provides durability in tough situations. The IPX4 rated the weather-resistant Clear Vision™ Binoculars - Digital Night Vision Goggles can withstand heavy rain and still work perfectly. Sturdy and reliable. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN MY ORDER NIGHT VISION BINOCULARS 32GB MEMORY CARD USB CABLE CARRYING CASE TRAVEL STRAP USER MANUAL CLEANING CLOTH PACKAGING BOX 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY-BACK Secure Lyfe™ values all customers and clients. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us and we will do our best to make it right for you. We are here to help without question.
Secure Lyfe Spotting Scope Spotting telescope
Clear Vision™ HD Spotting Telescope $129.99 $324.99
Clear Vision™ HD Spotting Telescope 15-45X60A Waterproof MS Zoom for Birdwatching Long Range Monocular Telescope Binoculars Magnification: 45XFunction: Day and night zoom Monocular TelescopeFiled Of View: 57ft / 1000yardsPrism Material: BAK-4
Sold out sale
Clear Vision™ Cam - Cellular Wireless Wildlife Trail Camera Clear Vision™ Cam - Cellular Wireless Wildlife Trail Camera
Clear Vision™ Cam - Cellular Wireless Wildlife Trail Camera $279.99 $299.99
→ Built in Cellular Network Module → Day & Night Photos & Videos → Send Photos via Text or Email → Smart Motion Sensor Activation → Send pictures to all carriers → Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. → Works best with SIMHERO (included)   Capture Crystal Clear Wildlife Images – Day or Night, Rain or Shine! STOP Wasting Time driving to the Lease or Camp to check your Trail Cameras. Never Leave Your Scent Near Your Stand Again. INSTANTLY Send Pictures To Your Phone! Works on Any Cellular Device (Apple iPhone, Google Android, etc.) Does NOT Require WiFi Connection! Send Pictures to All Carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.)  As soon as your camera is triggered you will receive a Photo Text Message of the Animal or “Thief” that triggered your Trail Camera! You will Also Receive a STEP BY STEP walk-through Video Demonstrating the EXACT setup Process... NOT SOLD IN STORES! Only available for a LIMITED TIME!   ✅ Easily See Wildlife - Stay updated with your area and get notified when something is happening. The Clear Vision™ Cam - 4G Cellular Wireless Wildlife Trail Camera. captures a 12 Mega pixel crystal images and full HD 1080P videos, providing more high-quality details during the daytime. Sim card required. Easily see the vivid world of the wildlife and amaze friend/family. WHY DO YOU RECOMMEND simHERO? PRE-LOADED DATA - The simHERO SIM card is now included with all orders. We also provide 50MB of pre-loaded data on each card. QUICK & SIMPLE SETUP - Very easy to use and setup. It does not require you to call anyone or visit a store for setup. RELIABLE & STRONG SIGNAL - simHERO works very well in the USA (using cell towers from AT&T + T-Mobile), Canada, Australia and Europe. Connects to over 400 networks worldwide to provide the best reception in your area.  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: HOW DO I SETUP MY TRAIL CAMERA? We've done our best to make setup as easy as possible! Please follow our setup instructions and video walkthrough video.  
Clear Vision™ Mobile Monocular - Professional Mobile Phone Monocular 40x60 Clear Vision™ Mobile Monocular - Professional Mobile Phone Monocular 40x60
Clear Vision™ Mobile Monocular - Professional Mobile Phone Monocular 40x60 $39.99
GET THE BEST VIEW ON YOUR ADVENTURES! Our 40x60 Monocular Telescope is amazing for capturing wildlife and magnification in high definition. Keep it in your pocket - See something amazing?  With this you can see and take a picture of your target over 1 km distance. take an awesome high definition close up view of your subject instantly and enjoy all these emotions. It works perfectly for bird watching, hunting, sporting events, hiking, travelblogger and much, much more! PRODUCT BENEFITS High Power 40x60 Magnification.Spot out the trail or get a closer look at the bear across the river. Use it at sporting events, is your seat a bit to far back? Enjoy the action up close like you're front row!Quick Alignment Phone Mount,Record and take photos of all the amazing things you can spot through the Monocular Telescope.Flawless Design,Completely dustproof, waterproof and shock-absorbing. Take it anywhere, accidentally drop it? We are compeltely sure that this Monocular Telescope will not take damage.Steady Flex Tripod,Easy to attach - our tripod is made of completely flexible cable for the legs. You could place that wherever you want without worryng about unfocused photos.Focal Length Adjustment,Zoom in and out with ease using the rotating knob on top. There is also a compass on top! COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SMART PHONE! WATERPROOF 40X60 HIGH DEFINITION PROFESSIONAL MOBILE MONOCULAR Comes with the newest quick alignment smartphone holder: Compatible with iPhone 12 (Pro and Pro Max), 11 Pro and Pro Max, XR, XS and. XS Max, X, 8 plus, 8,7 plus, 7, 6, 6s, 6 plus, 5, 5s, 4s, SE, Samsung GALAXY S10, S9, S8, S6, S6 Edge, S5 , Note, LG, HTV, Sony, and almost all other smartphones on the market. Large BAK-4 Prism inside and Fully Multi-coated Lens Coating : Strengthen the key function of a monocular, guarantee superior light transmission and brightness, make your view brighter, clearer and delivers crisp images. Solid Framework and shock-absorbing Rubber Armor with Stripes: Its tight fitting protection makes it usable to withstand the toughest weather conditions. And The rubber armor with stripes makes it comfortable for use and keeps it from slipping out from your hand. Waterproof, Dust-proof, and Shockproof Design: Nitrogen-filled waterproof and O-ring sealed optics prevent moisture, dust and debris and ensures the living waterproof function. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness explorers: a handheld and must-have for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, camping, surveillance and traveling. IT ENABLES YOU TO OBSERVE TARGET IN THE DISTANT WORLD WITH MORE TRUE-TO-LIFE DETAILS  
Clear Vision™ Monocular - IR Digital Night Vision Monocular Clear Vision™ Monocular - IR Digital Night Vision Monocular
Clear Vision™ Monocular - IR Digital Night Vision Monocular $119.99
Explore the night with our Clear Vision™ Night Vision Monocular 🌌 ✅ Use it as a night vision monocular or night vision googles Explore with confidence, take to the sea without hesitation, keep your property secure with our night vision monocular.   ✅ Hermetically sealed body which enables use in inclement weather (fog, heavy shower, dusty environment, sand storm etc.). At the core of the Secure Lyfe Night Vision is the unique combination of specially designed optics and the Image Intensifier Tube, enabling the highest edge to edge resolution, clear, distortion free and geometrically precise image across the entire field of view.   The Clear Vision™ Night Vision Monocular is equipped with a wide angled, short range, infrared illuminator.   Built in IR illuminator - switch on/off with a single switch The design prevents the IR illuminator from accidental activation avoiding disclosure of the observer. What's included in the package?  Type: MonocularWeight: 195gSize: 1.5 inch LCDInfrared Ray Launcher Type: Single TransmitterModel Number: NV31Battery: 5pcs AA battery (not included)Magnification: 4XEffective Visual Distance: 200-300MOperating Voltage: 7.5V Digital Night Vision Monocular 4X Optics Scope Night Vision Camera Infrared Monocular
Clear Vision™ MAX - IR Night Vision
Clear Vision™ MAX - IR Night Vision $279.99 $699.99
Clear Vision™ MAX - IR Digital Night Vision Camera Monocular Scope Attachment System   Note: Delivery Within 4-7 Business Days
Clear Vision™ Laser Rangefinder - Outdoor Optics Hunting Monocular Clear Vision™ Laser Rangefinder - Outdoor Optics Hunting Monocular
Clear Vision™ Laser Rangefinder - Outdoor Optics Hunting Monocular from $99.99
#1 Rangefinder For Hunting → Clear Vision™ Laser Rangefinder Measure From 0 - 1000 Yards → Waterproof & Shockproof: All Weather Durability → Multiple Modes: Distance, Fog, Speed & Golf Flagpole Measuring Modes → Mountable: Standard Tripod Mounting Thread → Angle Compensation: Angle Measurement Great For Bow Hunting "...Easy to use, affordable and most notably...PRECISE!"   Clear Vision™ Rangefinders are best known for their long lasting durability and accuracy. Whether you are an avid hunter or an outdoor sportsman, The Clear Vision™ Laser Rangefinder prove to be the best in their class. Versatile, portable and simple to operate on every hunting trip. Our rangefinders measure in both yardage and meters offering four different modes: Distance, Fog, Speed and Golf Flagpole.  Four Different Measuring Modes Fog Measure Mode Distance Measure Mode Speed Measure Mode Golf Pinseeker Mode → Affordability: Our rangefinders are more affordable than ALL of our competitors! → Warranty & Guarantee: We offer a 1 year warranty AND a no-risk money back guarantee! → Durability & Accuracy: Our covert rangefinders beat the competition on life longevity and durability while staying accurate! What's Included? → Laser Rangefinder → Carrying Case → Instruction Manual → Wrist Strap → Lens Cloth   Specifications: Size: 105*82*43mmModel Number: LR Series Laser RangefinderPower Type: Battery-PoweredColor: BlackMeasuring unit: M/YdField of view: 7°Measuring time: 0.5-1SBattery: 2-AAA (Not included)Magnification: 6XMeasurement Accuracy: ±1mMeasurement Range: 5-900M
Clear Vision™ Mini Binoculars - HD Compact Folding Long Range Telescope Optics Clear Vision™ Mini Binoculars - HD Compact Folding Long Range Telescope Optics
Clear Vision™ Mini Binoculars - HD Compact Folding Long Range Telescope Optics $39.99
Features: 1. 100% Brand New and High Quality powerful Binoculars 2. Diopter adjustment for fine focusing - 40x22 Zoom Spyglass 3. With bright and transparent color, BAK4 FMC optics strong optical permeability and extinction pattern design at the edge, can effectively reduce eye fatigue. 4. Durable materials: waterproof, moisture-proof, dust proof and anti-fog, and Can be used normally in rainy days 5. Great value binoculars for hunting, outdoor sports, camping trips, competitions, bird watching and performances. 6. Come with a high quality nylon storage bag, which saves space and can be placed anywhere in the backpack. 7. Small, portable, very convenient to carry, powerful and ultra-light, it is very suitable for camping, mountaineering, traveling and backpacking.   Specifications: [Color]: Black [Type]: 40X22 [Field of view]: 7° [Magnification]: 40X [Lens material]: BAK4 [Optical coating]: FMC [Eyepiece diameter]: 10mm [Objective lens diameter]: 20mm [Distance of view]: 2000-20000m [Size]: 10.5*4*9cm   Package includes: 1* Telescope 1* Box 1* Manual 1* Storage Bag 1* Lens Cleaning Cloth Product Detail Presentation: 1、Diopter adjusting:Right eyepiece adjustment/Diopter adjustment will make it easy to use for users with different left and right vision. Rotate left and right until both eyes are clear. 2、Center focus wheel:Manual focus/Twist the middle ball to adjust the focus. When observing objects at different distances, just rotate the roller easily until you see a clear object. 3、Eyepiece:HD blue film filter/The optical glass is coated with multi-layer composite blue film, which has good light transmission and clear imaging 4、Objective lens:FMC coating/Green multilayer coating film, the color is bright and restore high, the extinction band edge profile, effectively alleviate eye fatigue. 5、Rotary bearing:After adjusting the focal length of the center wheel can be increased viewing distance. Product experience: 1、Has better low-light performance2、Excellent light transmittance, high contrast images Product appearance features:Small + lightweight folding telescope  
Clear Vision™ Cam - WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Wildlife Trail Camera Clear Vision™ Cam - WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Wildlife Trail Camera
Clear Vision™ Cam - WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Wildlife Trail Camera $179.99
WiFi & Bluetooth Connection + APP Remote Control: The Clear Vision™ Cam - WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Wildlife Trail Cameras are equipped with WiFi and APP control functions. With the APP installed on your mobile phone through a WiFi connection, adjusting the settings and checking the captured photo /video remotely will do you massive convenience. 20MP Clear Image + 1296P Video Resolution: The Clear Vision™ Cam - WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Game camera captures 20MP crystal clear images and 1296P video with super clear sound recording each time a motion of wild game is detected. the vivid color of the feathers of a beautiful bird captured will present you with a stunning visual experience. Triggering Distance up to 65ft: IR flash 36pc 850nm infrared LEDs range 65ft(20m), this game camera produces detailed black and white night vision images and captures the moments of wildlife in HD images, not to miss any details of wildlife for hunters, or any intruder in the farm/ranch. Waterproof IP66 and Durable: The IP66 waterproof sturdy case of the trail camera protects the hunting camera from rain and high humidity. Tough environments use in deserts or tropical rain forest will do them no harm for years to come. The trail camera contains a threaded tripod and mounting strap with easy to install. Enhanced Night Vision: These trail cameras are added with 36pc 850nm infrared LEDs range 65ft(20m), enabling them to capture nocturnal animals and farm intruders to heighten your backyard security level. While hunters and wildlife observers will appreciate the HD image captured of wildlife by the Clear Vision camera. Versatile for the outdoors:  The outdoor game camera features a timestamp including Date/Moon Phase/Temperature, Timer, Realtime Replay, Hybrid Mode. Applicable for hunting, farm monitoring, backyard security due to its great versatility. Camera Specification: Photo Resolution: 20MP, 16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 5MP Video Resolution: 1296P(1728x1296,30fps),1080P(1920x1080,30fps) Night Vision Distance: 65ft(20m) Infrared Flash: 36pcs IR LEDs (850nm) Screen: 2.3" color TFT LCD USB Connection: Mini USB 2.0 Video Length: 10-60seconds / 1-3 minutes Waterproof: IP66   Recommendations: We recommend using an SD card Class 10 up to 32GB. We have them available here. 8*1.5V AA(LR6) Alkaline Batteries are recommended in this hunting camera to obtain maximum battery life. (not included) What's Included: 1x Trail Camera 1x USB Cable 1x User Manual 1x Threaded Tripod 3x Screw 1x Mounting Belt   Pack Dimensions: 7.09 x 4.84 x 4.02 inches Item Weight: 1.34 pounds
Clear Vision™ Cam - Wildlife Trail Camera (Version: Trail) Clear Vision™ Cam - Wildlife Trail Camera (Version: Trail)
Clear Vision™ Cam - Wildlife Trail Camera (Version: Trail) $79.99
➽ 1080P Video Ultra-High ResolutionThe trail camera stunning vibrant images(12MP) and clear audible videos (FHD 1920x1080P 25FPS) even during the dark night.➽ IP56 WaterproofProtects the trail camera in all directions, rain-proof, drop-proof and dust-proof, and also ensure it could work in tough environments like tropical rain forest or desert.➽ Faster 0.8s Trigger SpeedOnce movements are detected, the lightning-fast trigger can take 1 to 3 pics within 0.8s. The trigger distance is up to 10m/33ft.➽ 120° Wide Angle Lens and 26 PCS 940nm No Glow Infrared LEDsThe trail camera game camera allows to get an excellent broader view. It will record any animal movements with a wide-angle lens even in total darkness.➽ Easy To Install and Widely UsedWith mounting strap, it is easy to install this trail camera hunting sturdy. The trail camera is suitable for wildlife observation and hunting, home/property security, farm area surveillance, etc.

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